Say NO to EmberClear’s Lincoln Land Energy Center

There’s still time to stop the Lincoln Land Energy Center gas plantSierra Club continues to rise with local residents and Sierra Club members who oppose the proposed Lincoln Land Energy Center—a “natural” gas plant that EmberClear wants to build in Pawnee, Illinois. If built, this gas plant would be right in town and close to a school, putting community members at risk of pollution and related health issues. We shouldn’t be building a new gas plant in the midst of a climate crisis. Join us and send a comment to the EPA today

For years, EmberClear has been proposing a gas plant in Pawnee and their operating permit is now open for public comment.The proposed plant would be built at 15000 Black Diamond Rd in Pawnee, which is close to people’s homes and schools. Sierra Club joined neighbors in voicing our opposition in 2017 when zoning permits were filed because of concerns for our climate, health, environment and the high costs of gas.

Now, in 2021, as we struggle with an extreme drought, destructive fires, and unhealthy air quality, building a new gas-fired power plant is an even riskier proposition for our shared climate. As technology advances and costs continue to decline for clean energy (while gas prices keep going up), this proposed gas plant is even riskier for energy customers. Although the recent passage of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act is a huge win for climate in Illinois, we must keep working to ensure new gas plants aren’t permitted before 2045. If gas plants are too dangerous to be built in 2045, they shouldn’t be permitted in 2021.


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