Food Scarcity and Sustainability in Springfield

In a time of social distancing and uncertainty, Mike Clark put his focus this year on ways to develop dependable access to a healthy affordable food supply where there is food scarcity. Aquaponics and urban fruit tree orchards on public land can provide an abundance of fresh, healthy, all natural food to areas of high need in Springfield. This summer, finding 30 fruit trees on clearance, we managed to find planting sites in the city for all of them. By the end of the season, we planted 50 fruit bearing trees with the help of the Jaycees.

Next year, our goal is to plant 100 fruit bearing trees and provide one publicly accessible aquaponics system.  Mike has successfully developed an aquaponics model at his home and hopes to develop a public access near downtown Springfield.

He has been able to grow onion, mint, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, cyanine peppers, lemon thyme, dill and carrots so far in the system.

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