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Springfield City Council Passes New Solar Net Metering Policy!

Traditional net metering for systems 25kW and less was returned via a new net metering ordinance passed by City Council. Highlights of the ordinance are as follows:

• System size will be based on AC (inverter size) versus DC (additive of module wattages) to better match state policy.
• Systems 25kW AC and less will return to feeding their own loads first “behind the meter” and then feeding any excess generation back through a net meter where kWhs are “banked” at full retail to be used when needed. This also allows commercial systems of this size and smaller to offset their peak demand charges and gives the option to all systems owners less than 25kW to add batteries in the future to store their excess generation if so desired.
• This banking of kWhs at full retail will continue through the annual reconciliation date of March 1 at which time any excess generation will be zeroed out and start over.
• Full retail net metering continues until a penetration percentage of 3% of peak demand is reached at which time council will then decide if retail net metering continues to make sense/can change the feedback rate to something less than retail if deemed appropriate.
• Existing system owners with systems up to 100kW will be considered “grandfathered” at full retail for the time the original owner(s) maintain possession of their system. Grandfathering will be offered to systems fully installed and commissioned prior to 2/29/2020.

The return of favorable solar policy came about as a result of a joint effort between WindSolarUSA owner, Michelle Knox, who paid to have the ordinance drafted, City Council, and CWLP Management. Alderwoman Kristin DiCenso introduced the ordinance and was joined by Erin Conley, Andrew Proctor, Jim Donelan and Ralph Hanauner as co-sponsors. Solar is now alive and well in our capital city!

For more information, contact:
Michelle Knox, owner of WindSolarUSA, 217.825.4206,
Kristin DiCenso, Alderwoman Ward 6, 217.494.2975,

Clearlake Tree/Pollinator Project

Two red maples, two redbuds and two autumn serviceberry trees were planted on a patch of city owned property on Clearlake Ave this week. This is a coordinated project between Sustainable Springfield and the City of Springfield. We hope to include a protected pollinator habitat and butterfly planting support area amongst the tree line. Hopefully,… Continue Reading

Downtown Springfield Pollinator Pilot Project

Powerpoint presentation by Susan Helm about the downtown Springfield pollinator project. The goals of the project are: 􀀀 To create healthy habitats to benefit all pollinators 􀀀 To create sustainable, beautiful, filled planters through the growing season 􀀀 To save the city money in labor and plant material 􀀀 To provide native plant educational programs… Continue Reading

Award Recipients Listed

Our 2019 Springfield Area Green Leadership Program and Sustainability Award recipients are now listed above under our programs menu. Please click above to read about our Springfield Area Green Leadership member accomplishments and award recipients, and find out more about these programs. Continue Reading

LLCC Sustain Springfield Green Map

The Sustain Springfield Green Map is a user-friendly, GIS-based, online resource that guides residents, visitors, organizations and businesses to sustainable or environmentally-friendly services, sites and amenities. Click below to bring up interactive map: Looking for a community garden, area park, recycling resources and more? Let the Sustain Springfield Green Map show the way! Open the… Continue Reading

Attracting Pollinators Using Native Plants in Containers

See Video of the Attracting Pollinators Presentation – 03/28/18 Presentation Wednesday, March 28th to learn about attracting pollinators using native plants in containers. Presenters Susan Helm and Grace Norris  focused on why we should care about pollinators and the things we can do as business owners and home gardeners to help promote pollinator habitat by using native… Continue Reading

Make Your Home or Business More Sustainable!

View this presentation from four presenters who discussed how to make your home and/or business more sustainable. Sustainable Springfield, Inc. is hosted this panel presentation and discussion on July 19, 2017 that covered the topics of water conservation, energy efficiency, waste & recycling, and (affordable) alternative energy generation. Representatives from City Water, Light & Power,… Continue Reading