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Sustainable Springfield Inc. (SSI) is an environmental grass roots organization that promotes responsible planning efforts by our local governments and encourages the Springfield area citizen and business community to live and operate more sustainably. We are an information sharing network and closely ally our organization with other environmental groups in Springfield to promote their activities as well as our own.

Your Sustainable & Environmental Information Network in Springfield

Carbon & Ecological Footprint

What are these footprints, what do they tell us and how useful are they to support climate change policy? Sustainability involves practices designed to reduce production and emissions of harmful and toxic chemicals. The carbon footprint measures the carbon dioxide (CO2) and other green house gases (GHG) such as methane and nitrous oxide released into the atmosphere.

The ecological footprint is in some ways more comprehensive because it is a measure of the load imposed by a given population on nature. It represents the area of the Earth’s surface necessary to sustain levels of resource consumption and waste discharge by that population. However, because it only measures renewable outputs, it fails to consider the impact of fossil fuels.

More to come…