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Sustainable Springfield Inc. (SSI) is an environmental grass roots organization that promotes and inspires sustainable solutions by our local governments, the business community, and Springfield area citizens through education, networking, and collaboration.

Your Sustainable & Environmental Information Network in Springfield

Outstanding Leadership Awards

2017 Award Program

Held November 8, 2017 at Your Corner Office Reception Room, 427 E Monroe Ste 200, Springfield
2017 award recipients:

Land Use/Site Project          

Rooftop Program (Maldaner’s rooftop)  Grace Norris, Susan Helm Individual:
Alana Reynolds for community garden education and project site creation through Grow Springfield & Boys & Girls Club 


Crawford, Murphy, & Tilly, Inc. (CMT) for their landmark solar project at their Springfield, IL. headquarters which will be providing 90-95% of their annual power requirements.”


Joel Johnson – 2.24 kW installation on his home.  Joel also bikes to  work,  has a native plant garden and greenhouse and runs a dry cell battery recycling program at his workplace.

Jubilee Farms-  5kW solar installation on their new building/educational purposes

Perishing Planet – Illinois Times November 23, 2016 – Call to action on climate change. By Alastair Bland. Cover illustration by Serene Lusano.


Dr. Megan Styles of UIS for her educational efforts in the classroom and Environmental Studies Program as well as dedication, participation, and leadership in the school’s Sustainability Committee, Bike Committee, SAGE, and spearheading University garden program/project.

This evening was organized by Sustainable Springfield, Inc as a celebration and well deserved recognition of local leadership in sustainability.


2016 Award Program

On Wednesday, June 29, 2016 community members, small business owners and city officials were invited to our 2016 Outstanding Leadership Awards held at Inspire Art Gallery in downtown Springfield.  We are proud to announce 2016 leadership in sustainability award recipients as follows:

  • Best Use of Recycled Materials- Sangamon Reclaimed, Owner Brian Frieze
  • Best Facilitator in Renewable Energy Installation – WindSolarUSA, Michelle Knox
  • Most Improved in Sustainable Congregations-Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation
  • Best in Environmentally/Socially Responsible Retail-Custom Cup, Kendra and Brent Boesdorfer
  • Best in Engineering-Water Harvesting-Springfield Public Works, John Higginbotham and Lee Bloome, Hanson Engineers
  • Best Residential Practices-Ryan Lewis
  • Solar Merit of Achievement-Beth Langen


2015 Award Program

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 6 p.m. small business owners and managers were invited to attend Sustainable Springfield’s kickoff reception for its pilot program, “The Greenest of Springfield Awards” at Maldaner’s Restaurant. SSI (Sustainable Springfield) is dedicated in recognizing and encouraging leadership in sustainable practices that sets a precedent for the community to follow.This awards/competition is intended to bring to light those with the courage and insight to make changes essential in nurturing Springfield’s health and growth as a city.

Michael Higgins (L) accepting his award.


At the reception, SSI we handed out three 2015 individual achievement awards for “Outstanding Leadership in Sustainability” to well deserved recipients: Bob Croteau, Michael Higgins and Wynne Coplea. A special presentation by each recipient was included as well as a session for potential participants about what is involved in the awards program, a checklist and resource tips. To encourage participation, the program has been reduced to a one-page checklist listing responsible resource management areas in energy, waste, landscaping and water conservation. Resources and ways to improve practices are included on the other side.

Wynne Coplea accepting her award.

The project begins with each participating small business completing a “self evaluation” with SSI’s checklist (small businesses will be defined as having 30 or less employees). SSI will follow up with a “How to Become a Green Business” workshop offering information on resources towards improving their sustainable rating. In August 2015, SSI will announce its “Greenest of Springfield Achievement Award of 2015″ to the small business that has demonstrated the greatest improvement in the areas listed on the checklist.

In April of 2016, SSI will award “The Greenest of Springfield Award” to the small business in the program that has demonstrated the highest level of achievement in sustainable practices. SSI will be taking registrations by email on its website: where businesses can register ($15) ahead for the event.

For those small businesses already doing their part, SSI will be recognizing those meeting 80% of the standards on the checklist by posting a map on its website showing where to support local sustainable small businesses. SSI will be utilizing GIS smartphone technology to create this map. Because this is a pilot program, SSI expects there to be adjustments and improvements as the program takes effect and to use this pilot program on a larger scale in the following year that includes more categories.

Sustainable Springfield Inc. (SSI) is a nonprofit environmental organization which promotes responsible local planning efforts and encourages the community to live and operate in a more sustainable manner.