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Sustainable Springfield Inc. (SSI) is an environmental grass roots organization that promotes responsible planning efforts by our local governments and encourages the Springfield area citizen and business community to live and operate more sustainably. We are an information sharing network and closely ally our organization with other environmental groups in Springfield to promote their activities as well as our own.

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UIS World Affairs Guest Speaker – Trouble in the Congo

Political Scientist Dr. Severine Autessere spoke about her studies surrounding the conflict in the Congo and why international peacekeepers and diplomats have not produced sustainable results. Over ten years of research and field work with organization such as the UN and others, she concludes that the problem is the standard “top-down” approach to stabilize the region (which is inherently complex to say the least) and what is needed is a “bottom-up” approach.

Although this speaker event may not seem at face value to be a “sustainable” issue relatable to Springfield’s local concerns, the point Dr. Autessere made was that solutions must come from the grassroots level and that is a totally relatable characteristic for change.

If you missed this event and are interested in hearing a compassionate and well versed discussion about the Congo conflict, here is a 35 minute podcast with Dr. Autessere.






A Sustainable Business Forum to Begin

Bunn’s Environmental Practices to be Shared in a New Forum by Jim Johnston   Posted everywhere, hallways, offices, break rooms, at the Bunn Corporation’s manufacturing facility on Stevenson Drive is a placard with a stylized logo of a green coffee plant that says “Respect Earth” and reads:                         ‘Recognizing that our business operation impacts… Continue Reading

Speaker for May 29th Sustainable Springfield Business Forum

Noted Architect and Planner to Speak on Green Urbanism   At the May 29th Springfield Business Alliance noon luncheon the noted architect and planner Douglas Farr will present “Sustainable Urbanism”, a program that illustrates the practices that have become more and more in vogue since Al Gore’s release of “An Inconvenient Truth” three years ago.… Continue Reading

There’s a lot going on in April: Earth Month

April’s Environmental Events Compiled by Sustainable Springfield Inc.   April 7, Food Not Lawns On Tuesday, April 7 at 6:30 p.m., Bill Hannaford will be discussing his exploration of heirloom vegetables. Find out the ins and outs of growing heirlooms, varieties that do well in our area, and even how to acquire FREE heirloom… Continue Reading

November’s Environmental Events Up-Date

Up-Date: November’s Environmental Events Complied by Sustainable Springfield Inc. Check our website for more information: (click on calendar for more links to events. Environmental Blog:   November 18, Sustainable Springfield’s Monthly Public meeting: What Shades of Green Are Your Home and Work Place? What shade of green is your home? Mint? Forest? How about… Continue Reading

October’s Environmental Events

October’s Environmental Events, provided by Sustainable Springfield Inc More information and other events at our website Please visit our blog “Springfield’s Environmental Weblog”   Cool Cities supporters urged to attend City Council Meeting, October 7, 6:00p.m.: On August 26, Mayor Davlin signed the US Council of mayor’s Climate Change Agreement, pledging to reduce… Continue Reading