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Springfield City Council Passes New Solar Net Metering Policy!

Traditional net metering for systems 25kW and less was returned via a new net metering ordinance passed by City Council. Highlights of the ordinance are as follows:

• System size will be based on AC (inverter size) versus DC (additive of module wattages) to better match state policy.
• Systems 25kW AC and less will return to feeding their own loads first “behind the meter” and then feeding any excess generation back through a net meter where kWhs are “banked” at full retail to be used when needed. This also allows commercial systems of this size and smaller to offset their peak demand charges and gives the option to all systems owners less than 25kW to add batteries in the future to store their excess generation if so desired.
• This banking of kWhs at full retail will continue through the annual reconciliation date of March 1 at which time any excess generation will be zeroed out and start over.
• Full retail net metering continues until a penetration percentage of 3% of peak demand is reached at which time council will then decide if retail net metering continues to make sense/can change the feedback rate to something less than retail if deemed appropriate.
• Existing system owners with systems up to 100kW will be considered “grandfathered” at full retail for the time the original owner(s) maintain possession of their system. Grandfathering will be offered to systems fully installed and commissioned prior to 2/29/2020.

The return of favorable solar policy came about as a result of a joint effort between WindSolarUSA owner, Michelle Knox, who paid to have the ordinance drafted, City Council, and CWLP Management. Alderwoman Kristin DiCenso introduced the ordinance and was joined by Erin Conley, Andrew Proctor, Jim Donelan and Ralph Hanauner as co-sponsors. Solar is now alive and well in our capital city!

For more information, contact:
Michelle Knox, owner of WindSolarUSA, 217.825.4206,
Kristin DiCenso, Alderwoman Ward 6, 217.494.2975,

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