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Sustainable Springfield Inc. (SSI) is an environmental grass roots organization that promotes and inspires sustainable solutions by our local governments, the business community, and Springfield area citizens through education, networking, and collaboration.

Your Sustainable & Environmental Information Network in Springfield

SSI sponsored presentations by Kent Massie and Hal Sprague

Click to view Videos of the 11/25/14 SSI sponsored presentations by Kent Massie and Hal Sprague. Kent highlighted the sustainable components that were incorporated into the Jackson Street Corridor Study…..  Especially, the components that are related to urban storm water management and conservation of natural and cultural sites.

Hal followed up and spoke about Jackson Street being a key area in Springfield’s urban flood issue. He discussed which areas in Springfield can be targeted to mitigate downtown flooding in a cost effective way.

The Jackson Street area is being described as a key factor in Springfield’s downtown development. The area, and Kent’s plan for it are rich with possibilities and have lately been getting a great deal of attention.

Kent Massie Presentation on Jackson Street Project, 11/25/14, Lincoln Library, Springfield Illinois

Kent Massie’s serves as principle planner and landscape architect for large-scale design projects at Massie & Massie Associates. His fascination with cultural aesthetics, natural systems, form and function led him to a conservation ethic early in his career. Kent has developed plans for both Sustainable Sites Initiative (SSI) compatibility and L.E.E.D. certification.


Hal Sprague Presentation on Green Infrastructure, 11/25/14, Lincoln Library, Springfield Illinois

Hal Sprague is Manager of Water Policy at Center for Neighborhood Technology or CNT, where his work includes research and promotion of sustainable water resource management practices, such as water conservation and stormwater green infrastructure. Prior to joining CNT in 2008, Hal was an environmental lawyer for 23 years, with positions at USEPA, a large law firm, and a multi-national corporation.

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